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h4ck1t is a multiplayer online game where players take the role of computer hackers in an uchronic hyperconnected (and a little retro) world.

Hack corporations, governments and, of course, other players to gain the maximum reward possible: to be called l33t from other hackers.

h4ck1t is on the final stage of development, and we plan to open a private beta in late 2015, in the meantime, feel free to suscribe to our mailing list (a.k.a. bulletin), add us to twitter, check out the game FAQ and features and get in touch!

“ can you plz send me invite ”
an unknown visitor
“ H4ck1t sounds amazing. I can not wait until the lunch. #cannotwait #indiegame #pleasehurryup ”
an enthusiast a twitter follower
“ hackers? I like hackers! ”
Zero Cool
“ surreal ”